Improvement Projects

Improvement projects are about communicating the desired outcome and then letting us find a cost effective solution to the issue. This could be as simple as refurbishing or modifying a current machine or line, or capitalizing new machine or processes into the business. 

We design and manufacture in house from the ground up, or we have business partners in Europe that we can call on.  

Option to refurbish and modify machinery can be the preferred cost effective solution rather than the expense of capitalising new equipment. Maintenance, new tooling, change parts and slight modification are all what may be required to get a machine performing back to spec.

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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Our Client purchased a second hand filler machine and commissioned us to install, modify and commission to suit their products. With this job we rebuilt the filler and capper, supplied all new change parts, new cap sorter and chutes and all cap feeding conveyors.

Case Study 2

With this project our client asked us to look at ongoing issues with a can filler. After inspection we confirmed that the turret was warped and worn, this made it very difficult to set up for filling. We then took steps to machine the turret in position to get it back to standard.

Case Study 3

We have done many new installations of machines onto existing lines or complete new lines. This includes drawing up a future layout with options, supplying the new conveyor work, supplying mechanical labour and managing the project safely and to budget.

Case Study 4

With this project our client had an existing filler capper mono block. The existing capper would have the bottle pick the cap from a chute and raise the bottle and cap under a stationary capping chuck. This process had issues with the types of bottles and caps they were running. Our solution was to design a new pick and place capper that can be retrofitted into the existing machine. This saved the massive cost of buying a new machine and proved an out right success.

Case Study 5

With this project our client had issues with end of line robot downtime due to collisions with the robot head. What we designed and built was a new tine that had rotational movement on the tines and a crash failsafe to let the tine breakaway should a collision be catastrophic. This saved burning out robot servo motors and damaging the head

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