Sorter Bowls

Manufacturing capping machines, we have built many sorter bowls for our own equipment lines and for others. If you need to sort a cap or special product, we have the experience and know how to deliver results.

Cap sorters can be manufactured to suit new capping requirements to existing machinery, or we can look as ways to reduce change over times by incorporating multiple bowls. We can supply the bowl feeder, cap chute, mounting platform and installation to suit improvements.

Flat Cap Bowl Feeder

Our flat cap sorter will sort caps on a horizontal positioned bowl that feeds caps in any orientation. Once the cap exits the bowl the upside down ones are rejected back into the bowl. This type of cap sorter needs the cap to be larger in diametre than its height and this allows the output to be doubled from a cavity type system.

cavity bowl feeder design
sorter bowl flot bowl feeder

800mm flot bowl feeder designed to output 600 caps/min

Cavity Type Bowl Feeder

The cavity type sorters are suited for all shaped caps but will also do odd shapes or caps that are greater in height than in diametre. Change overs consist of removing the cavity disk and setting the pressure regulators to suit different cap types.

1200mm cavity bowl feeder

Cavity Bowl Feeder

designed to output 500 caps/ min

Cavity Bowl Feeder

designed to output 300 caps/ min
800mm pump sorter

800mm Pump Sorter

Designed to output 100 pumps/min
cavity bowl feeder design

Cavity Bowl Feeder

Feeder Design
cavity bowl feeder large caps

Cavity Bowl Feeder

Designed to suit large caps
cavity disk

Cavity Disk

for low speed application

AllPro Sorter Bowl Videos

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