Capping Machines

AllPro Engineering represents leading machine manufacturers from Europe in the food and beverage industries. Below is just some of the products we can supply from Torq Packaging, for more information on their products please visit their website linked to the image below.

mechanical capper capping machine

Mechanical Cappers

The rotary capper is suitable for handling any kind of press-on caps, plastic screw and aluminium caps, dispenser and trigger. Available for low and medium speeds. The capping head could be controlled by inverter or brushless motor. The machine is extremely flexible and could be equipped to work little containers or big bottles up to 20ltrs.

Electronic Cappers

For more complex types of closure and applications that require a high level of flexibility, electronic cappers are the solution. Each capping head is controlled by an independant servomotor that can orientate asymmetric caps, apply a precise torque force or turn the cap to a predetermined number of revolutions or degrees of rotation.

allpro engineering electronic capping machine
turret capping machine


Cappers can be produced in turret version to be intergrated on filler-capper monoblocks for OEM customers.

The turrets can be build with customized diameters and pitch.

AllPro Capping Machine Videos

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